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Notice Game is currently in Closed Alpha. Access to it can be obtained here or open play Friday and Saturday. New photos, concept art, and info released on Facebook . Just Released ver 2.0.4. Currently Seeking Help with Wiki Contact Cerberuspaw.


With this latest release and switch to a much more reliable server, many of the previous synching issues have been addressed.

Mac Anu 2

Newly remapped Aqua Polis

Welcome to the Iridium Based Wiki

The wiki is mostly free to edit((Excluding a few pages ), but try to make sure posts and edits are relevant

Iridium Based is an indie game development studio, home to it's own unique (in-development) MMORPG called 'The World'.

As stated on the website's FAQ Page;

"Although insipired from the .hack universe, what began as a cookie-cutter copy of The World from .hack, has grown into a unique game with inspiration drawn from the media series. All story elements, artwork, and names will be legally distinct at the time of release, while staying true to the theme and atmosphere of the series.

It should also be noted that CyberConnect2 and Bandai Namco are aware of .hack fan projects, and likely of Iridium. Since 2005, there has been no legal action taken against any similar projects, and some of the projects have even had direct contact with Bandai Namco and CyberConnect2.

The legal steps the team is taking to ensure the project's success include but are not limited to the above. For more information or additional legal questions please contact one of the staff members directly."



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